Naturally Raised Red Angus Beef


Our cattle are primarily pasture fed with supplemented forage and silage. The beef we produce is humanely raised without animal by-products and is free of antibiotics. All of our products are processed by Straka’s Meats. A family-owned, certified butchery.

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Family Sampler

Buy a beef bundle for your family at an affordable price. Our beef bundle includes:

1-3 lbs Roast
2 packages steak (Ribeye, T-bone, Sirloin, NY Strip)

5 lbs ground beef (1 lb packages)
2 lbs Cut of the Month


Seasonal Beef Packages

We offer bundle packages that fit into your freezer & your budget. Enjoy Farm Fresh Beef without buying the "whole cow".

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Quarter & half Beef

An economical choice for your family when you want to "fill the freezer".